Australian Horse Racing History, News and Popular Events

Australian Horse Racing History

The horse racing in Australia was developed in history by many of the entries of British ships that wanted to establish a new colony and brought horses with them. Horse racing on the tracks in Australia was one of the earliest sports activities. After the arrival of the horses, a few years were necessary for the racing to take off. The very first race was held in 1810 at Hyde Park, Sidney. It was a very popular activity but until the first race was still informal. With the years, Australian horse racing was developing and spread on many more regions of Australia. The first Australian Jockey Club was founded in 1842 and after that, a lot of organizations and clubs were formed.

Thoroughbred Race in Australia

Thoroughbred Australian horse racing is very popular in Australia and it's a big event for people who love this sport. There are two forms of thoroughbred Australian horse racing: races over fences or hurdles and a flat racing. Behind football and rugby, thoroughbred Australian horse racing is the third most attended sport.

Gambling: Basic Rules and Tips

Gambling on horse races has become very popular nowadays. There are some basic rules and tips that you should know for your gambling picks to be a success. The first thing that you should know is the type of bets that you can put on horse racing:

  • Win

You bet on a win if you think that your horse will take the first place.

  • Place

This bet is perfect if you are quite sure that your horse will take first or second place. Whether your horse takes the first or second place, you win the match.

  • Show

This type of bet provides you options of betting on your horse to take first, second or third place. You have more chances of winning even though the payout is low.

  • Across the board

It is three in one: win, place, and show. This bet is not recommended for a beginner because it can be quite costly and complex.

  • Win/place; place/show

With the first bet, you bet on your horse to win and place. If your horse wins the match, you take money from both, but if it takes the second place you take just money just from the place bet. With the second bet, if your horse finishes second you take money from the place and show bets, but if it takes the third place, you just take money from the show bet. It is quite complex and recommended just for professional gamblers.

There are other basic bets that you might want to know and use after you improve your skills:

  • Exacta
  • Quinella

We recommend you some tips on how to bet on horse racing without making mistakes as a beginner and win a higher payout:

  • Be careful of your picks

Pick your horse that you want to bet on it carefully. Read about the history of your horse matches. Be aware of the winning and losses before start gambling.

  • Manage your bankroll

Due to your bankroll decide how much you will wager and do not change all the time. With this strategy, you will avoid losing too much money due to betting.

  • Find the best odds

Compare the odds with other providers and check which ones are best for your payout. There are different odds and always compare before you start wagering.

  • Start with simple bets

To avoid losing too much money, as a beginner you should start with simple bets. Do not bet with multiple bets if you are still not a professional gambler.

The best way to bet on horse racing is through online legal casinos that provide you many no deposit bonuses that allow you to put free bets and win real money. Online casinos offer you different casino bonus features for real money and while betting to improve your betting strategies. As a result of the many different online legal casino websites ratings, gamblers use often live streaming to bet via online casinos and use casino bonuses for a higher payout.

The Most Popular Events

The most popular horse racing events that you can visit are the following:

  • Melbourne cup
  • Caulfield cup
  • Victoria derby
  • Queen Elizabeth stakes
  • W.S Cox Plate


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